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Four Corners Title Co. has been serving Gallup and McKinley County for over 20 years. Our licensed title company is one of the most-trusted by the area's lenders and real estate agencies. We handle properties in Ramah, Bluewater, Thoreau, Vanderwagen, Gamerco, and Yahtahey. Let us help with all of your closing services.

Our underwriters

We work with a variety of underwriters to facilitate title writing and property transfers. Our underwriters are Chicago Title Insurance, Alliant National Title, Old Republic National Title, and Commonwealth Land Title. When you need title transfers, we can provide them. We work with lenders, purchasers, owners, and mortgage companies.

Most of our work can be complete within a 24-48 hour timeline. We provide refinancing and purchasing services. Let us help with your title commitment and closing services. Please be aware that the New Mexico Department of Insurance, and not our company, regulates title premium fees.

Our team

When you come visit us, you will meet our qualified and experienced staff members. Mary Villanueva is our manager. Karen Howard works as the title clerk. We are here to answer any questions you may have and support you in any way possible. We wish to help make your tasks as straightforward and painless as possible. 

You can call us at (505) 722-3532 to speak to one of our employees today and learn more about how we can help you with our closing services. We look forward to your inquiry and to working with you on confirming titles and transferring property ownership. We are here to help and take care of all of your property purchasing and selling needs.
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